Fresh Real Estate content posted daily to your Social Media accounts for $67 per month!

We’ll set up your social media and post to it while you focus on your real estate business.


Realty Social Marketing Introduction

We’ll set up your social media and post to it while you focus on your real estate business.


A Match Made In Heaven

Stanley King | REALTOR® | Las Vegas, Nevada

Why Choose Realty Social Media?

As experts in the Real Estate, we know from an agent’s point of view that technology and experience have become some of the most powerful tools in the modern world. Social media helps us to increase our opportunities to get in touch with our clients and to find new ones. Our goal is to make Social Media outreach as easy as possible.

Real Estate Content

Content that is engaging and interesting to your audience. Our company was created by real estate agents for agents, so your content will be meant for them. 

Engage With Your Prospects

Smart marketing is about being where your customers are, and they’re on social media! We make it simple to connect with your followers, and build stronger social relationships.


Drive Traffic

More than 70% of people are finding their real estate agent using the internet. If your online presence is suffering or non-existent, then you are missing a HUGE piece of the pie.

Time Is Money

Leverage the power of social media technology without all of the nonsense, wasted time, and money spent trying to tackle the social media side of your real estate business.

In Just 3 Easy Steps...

We’ll be doing all the social media juggling for you. We’ll create and post unique, personalized, made-for-real estate content, while you have the extra time to focus on your business.


Determine Your Goals

Decide to let us make your social media life easier by allowing us to set up your accounts (if needed), post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and optimize your, Zillow and Trulia accounts.


Get Signed Up

Determine the package that best meets your goals, click on the ‘Get Started’ button and fill in the required personal and payment information to set up your account.


We'll Start Making Your Life Easier

We’ll contact you for the necessary social media details and to discuss more details about your business.  Then we’ll begin posting content to your social accounts.